Monday, May 2, 2011


A while back I mentioned how I planned to use modern cloth nappies, choosing to go with Bumgenius Elemental. Well it turned out I was a sucker for punishment, as I ordered them from the US with a mail forwarding company sending them to my house. Which was awesome - except the dickhead of a courier delivered them to someone elses house and couldn't reclaim them. I was less than impressed, especially when they finally admitted liability 2 days after my shipping insurance claim time ran out! Eventually I received a refund for the cost of the nappies, and with that back in my bank account, I vowed to only buy nappies in Australia.

So, along this saga which took place over almost 2 months, I changed my mind on what type of nappy I wanted to use, deciding on using Itti Bitti Tutto's

I still love how they can do from newborn (apparently) to 20kg. And they had awesome colours in minkie fabrics. *Swoon*

On a google search hunt, I came across Nurture Nappies, who offered the best special for bulk packs of Tutto's - $190 for 6 Tutto's with free postage - a massive saving of $32 which was almost the cost of one nappy! I was sold. So I placed my order, and continued on my merry way.

By the time I got home I had an email confirming my purchase, and another from Nikki stating that my chosen colours were out of stock. I had several options to choose between, I could wait out the stocking period, change my colours, or cancel my order. I was most impressed, as most companies only ever let you know these things when you ask. I decided to wait out the restocking period (10 days) as I really wanted these particular colours.

When my nappies came into stock, Nikki emailed me and let me know they had been shipped, and I would receive them within 48 hours. Yay! I expected a delivery on Monday or Tuesday, but when nothing showed up, I checked the tracking online. Imagine my shock when it said they had been delivered already! Oh no, not again!

I quickly emailed Nikki, who contacted the shipping company on my behalf. Turned out that I was outside their express delivery system and that my parcel had been forwarded to Australia Post for delivery. As it turned out, a further half hour after I sent my email my parcel arrived! Not something that was Nurture Nappies fault, as who would have expected the courier company to send it via Australia Post an hour from its delivery destination?

Nurture Nappies were so lovely to deal with, I couldn't recommend them highly enough. I highly recommend them to anyone who is willing to listen now, and look forward to shopping with them for my next nappy stash.

Oh, and just for interests sake, this is my current stash

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  1. Nurture Nappies is an awesome company! I purchased a lot through them before sewing my own

  2. I've heard a lot about Itti Bitti, but not used them myself. Will definitely give them a go if I have another baby. And I am a Nurture Nappies customer, too, they are fantastic.


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