Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The War Has Been Won

Remember the Great Debate of 2011? Not the one over Julia's Flood Levy, or the one about whether the drought was better for the farmers than the floods. The one about a pram. Oh wait, that debate only happened in our house?

Well it was won. 
I am happy to announce that I won the debate and got my Bugaboo Chameleon. There was a bit of a compromise though. See, just prior to Christmas I won a brand new iPhone 4, a phone which I already owned. So I decided to sell the phone on eBay, and use the funds towards getting the pram I really wanted. I then managed to find a 1 year old pram on eBay for a price that was far to good to be true.

So I bided on it, and surprisingly won it. The only downer was that I wasn't a fan of the orange canvas, and the other topping that came with the pram was the sand fleece. Sand on sand was a little blah for me - so I brought the orange fleece. And boy is it bright! I love it!

Now I just need a baby to put in my pram, as pushing a stuffed toy elephant just isn't quite the same ;)
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  1. I think its lovely!!! And its true pushing a stuffed elephant is MUCH different than pushing your little one around in your beautiful stroller (that's what we call it in the States : ) I hope your pregnancy is progressing well and you're feeling as good as a 9 month pregnant woman can feel! You're getting close!!!


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