Friday, May 20, 2011

Spikey Ouch

Whilst out and about recently I spotted a ceramic cactus that I NEEDED (I blame pregnancy hormones). So I brought it with no idea where I was going to put it.

When I got it home I made a discovery: like a real cactus it was spikey! Really spikey!!!
 Blood may have been drawn - it was that spikey.

Which required desperate measures to get it out of the box - someone remind me to buy new oven mitts at some point too - mine are super stained. The gloves worked though.

Lucky it is pretty. It is currently sitting on the side table in the lounge, but I am starting to think it may need to go into the tv unit where it can be observed but not touched. Would you look at those spikes though!

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  1. Love the oven gloves!!! super dooper spikey though..I like :)

  2. Keep it away from where baby can get to it... you only have a few short months before baby is into EVERYTHING... you have been advised :) <3

  3. Looks like it could inflict quite a bit of pain. Will definitely need to go in the TV unit when junior starts crawling/standing/walking! Ange

  4. I have no pregnancy hormones to blame and I so so so WANT one of those for on my tv unit! What store did you find it at? Wonder if they have suppliers up here as well.
    Oh and will know to have oven mits on hand as well lol

  5. Liz, it came from a little gift store in my town that carries a whole heap of funky type homewares. Mine doesn't have a sticker on it anymore, but I will try and get into the store this week to see if they still have them and what brand it is for you.

  6. Seeing the image of you trying to get it out with kitchen gloves was hilarious. Very pretty neutral colour too.

  7. Trust me FiFi, they were needed! Even then it was still a little spikey - Really do need new kitchen gloves!


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