Friday, May 6, 2011

WTF Ikea

Someone recently pointed out to me that Ikea have online shopping in certain states in Australia, which is terribly unfair if you ask me.

What was even more unfair when I spotted this price difference (you may have to click on them to see it bigger):


Apparently South Australia's are entitled to a $20 price reduction on the same product. What is with that?

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  1. Wow. The prices seem to be all over the place!


  2. Seriously. They have online shopping for only some states? And a massive price difference? I agree. WTF ikea.

  3. April, the South Australian and WA stores are franchises. Some of their items are cheaper, some are a little dearer. The catalogue items are the same price all over the country, it's the extras where there can be a price difference. I had this discussion with one of the store section managers one day when I
    complained that their online stock availability system wasn't working.
    It can be frustrating, but some of the items here in Victoria are cheaper believ it or not

  4. Ahhh, Thanks Leslie - but why can't the items I want be cheaper in Victoria ;)


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