Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Mail Exchange - Gift Receiving

The lovely kellyansapansa recently alerted me to the fact that she was given me as her recipient, and that I should expect a parcel in the next few days.

Friday, after having a shitty week at work, I came home to find a parcel on the bench for me! What a perfect end to a shitty week!!!

Unfortunately, my excitement meant that I forgot to take photos until half way through. Sorry :(

To start with, there was a cute little shoulder bag (which has now become my gym bag...much better than the green bag I was using), and a touching heart felt card

A book - "It Could Be You" by Josie Lloyd. I spent Sunday reading it, loved it!

A Kimmidoll keychain

A matching Kimmidoll Bag Tag (which is now on my camera bag)

A Kimmidoll magnet, which is holding the phone bill to the fridge

A Kimmidoll pen, which is now in my handbag

Seriously, how cute is Kimmidoll! I love it.

Thank you so much Kelly, your package was awesome, and I can see how you read my blog quite thoroughly to pick up on touches of my personality! I love it all!

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  1. Oh April, what great pressies! They are really gorgeous...and so much thought has gone into them!

    I hope my exchangee has got her gift by now and likes it..can't wait to get mine yippee.

  2. Spoilt much!!!!! I've yet to get my exchange.

  3. I was very spoilt! And now I smile every time I see the items that Kelly gave me, so it really is HPPY mail!

    I am yet to buy mine, must do that this week.

  4. Kimdoll ROCKS!! And so, of course, does Kelly! I just love that girl!!

  5. I am so glad that it's all starting to happen! Yay. xx

  6. I'm so glad you liked it. I had so much fun putting it together!


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