Thursday, February 18, 2010


The husband and I have been talking more and more about moving house, and building a house.

But first we need a block of land to put the house on. So, we need a list of things that a block must have.

  • Somewhere around 2-6 acres. I am leaning more towards the smaller side, wanting 3, however the man of the house wants 10.
  • Water and Power running past.
  • On a sealed road.
  • Within 10 minutes of our nearest major town, but not within the town itself.
  • Reasonably priced - it's amazing how many crappy blocks have HUGE price tags.
Surprisingly, it is hard to find something that matches our wants. We have two blocks in mind currently, but we are being picky on areas, as I will still need to drive to work, so it needs to be on the west side of town.

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  1. Man, I feel your pain! My husband and I did the house hunting/building thing last year, it can be a little overwhelming!

    I think, however, that this is the time when you need to be EXTRA picky!! Good luck!

  2. Good luck finding the right acreage. I'd steer towards the 6-10 acres...only because I like space around me, even though I live on a quarter acre block in suburbia!

    You will find the right spot. It'll just take time and surprisingly, you'll know it when you find it.


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