Friday, February 26, 2010


A change is coming, and I am really sorry about it. I am going to stop blogging every day, and cut it back to Monday to Friday.

I do apologise, but it means I will have more to show you during the week :D

Have a fantastic weekend, it is the start of my weeks break from work, so I am sure to be on cloud 9!
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  1. No need to apologize! Have a FANTASTIC week off, ENJOY!!

  2. There's definitely no need to apologise. Enjoy your extra time and we'll still be here to read your updates! xx

  3. Is it bad that even though I know you said you wouldn't be posting this weekend I've checked both days just in case? LOL

  4. Sorry Megs, nothing on here this weekend. Stay tuned during the week for some news though :)


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