Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laundry Un-inspiration

The house hunt has began this weekend, and I noticed something I didn't like.

A lot of houses have laundries that you enter through the pantry. I don't get it, are you walk your dirty clothes through the kitchen and pantry?

Here is an example:
In the foreground is the pantry, complete with integrated fridge cupboard. I quite liked this house otherwise, but there was no way the laundry door could be entered from any other room. To me, it really did ruin the really grand kitchen. I can deal with walking past the kitchen, but not through it.

It doesn't hurt to look at other options, but this is one option that doesn't work for us.
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  1. Eeww April, that doesn't work for me either! A laundry should be the first room you get to so you can discard all your dirty, muddy stuff before you walk through the house. I used to have my washer and dryer in the kitchen, but realised that was a big mistake and they got moved pretty quickly.
    I don't get this new trend. Just home builders thinking more about aesthetics than practicality I think.

  2. Yucky! When you put it like that, that is just so wrong! Good spotting April.

  3. I have also noticed that! Not a fan here either.

  4. Our laundry was 'off' the meal area. It's now in the exact same position but we knocked down the wall and it's just in a cupboard.

    So I guess I cant really judge... lol!

  5. Having had it both ways, I can tell you that I don't really care where the laundry is, as long as it is not what they call "euro-style" ie, in the kitchen, or in our case in a tiny cupboard in the kitchen.

    It needs a separate room, where you can put the ironing board and a bench for folding and so on. As people try to cram more and more into homes (like "entertainment" rooms), they seem to be forgetting the requirement for basic practicality. With no real laundry, we have no place for the above things, but also, it would be great to get the cat litter out of the bathroom.

    The last place we had, the washing machine was in the bathroom. It was a large room, so it was okay, but I really dream of a proper laundry (with cupboards!)


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