Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Mail Exchange

Telle over at Fat Mum Slim, has started a Happy Mail Exchange. She describes it as:
This is going to be fun. Fun. Fun. Happy Mail Exchange is going to be an exchanging of goodies in the mail. If you like getting mail, and sending lovely things, this is for you. You'll be given a random lovely person to send some goodies off to, and in return you'll get some goodies from a random person. In the end everyone is happy. Smiles all round. That kinda thing.
I have signed up (ok, so I realise it falls into Febusave, but I put the money aside in January when she first blogged about it, so it doesn't count), and think you should all consider it too. And there are lots of people willing to post internationally!
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  1. Oh April I am so glad you posted on this! I saw her post about the mail exchange while I was on holiday, then forgot where I'd seen it and was kicking myself for not writing it down.
    Thanks again, I'll head over the register.


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