Monday, February 8, 2010

House Update

Not alot has been happening around the house.
Actually nothing has happened for some time. Do you ever work so hard on something, and then just give up as it has become overwhelming? Or is that just me?

This year has become maintenance year. The year where there are no major tasks planned, and we just finish things off.

So far on our list we have:

  • Paint the insides of our bedroom window. We currently just keep the sunscreen blind down to cover over it!
  • Whilst the brushes are out, we need to paint the outside of the bedroom window. The olive green is starting to get to me now.
  • Paint around our front door.
  • And paint the arcitrave and skirting boards in the kitchen
  • Whilst we're in the kitchen, we might as well tile.
  • I started painting the Laundry in August, and well, that is as far as it went. I still need to finish painting the rest of the bathroom.

If we really put our heads down, and worked hard, we could have it done in a couple of weekends. But alas, the husband and I have the world's most spasmotic social life, that goes from zero to 100 in three seconds, and at the moment it is in the 95 category. We have birthday parties, and weddings invites flowing in, not to mention some major projects at work. So we're just taking it one day at a time. Hell, I have lived looking at my half painted skirting boards in the lounge room for 15 months now, a few more won't kill me ;)
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  1. Sounds like our house... we have some cornice to do, skirts to paint, doors need topcoats etc etc. Never ends!

  2. Oh the pain. I finally painted the arc's in the kitchen, spending Saturday carefully masking the walls and window frames. I finished the last doorframe on Sunday, only to pull something in my back, and spend the following 24 hours complaining about it. But the pain was worth it!

    Will follow with pictures later on this week.


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