Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bathroom Opps?

Remember when I mentioned that I chose a round bath for our bathroom, and how it caused a few dramas?

Well I have another drama to add to the list

See all that water under there? It's not meant to be there. And that black stuff? It is wet timber that shouldn't be wet. Turns out that a tiny hole in the grout had got bigger, and over the last 4 years, got worse. Very much worse.

So we have some options
1. Remove the bath, tiles and shower and start again by adding a new bath, a separate shower, and having to redo all the plumbing which requires digging up half of the slab.
2. Replace the bath and tiles, leaving it as a bath/shower combo.
3. Put the weatherboards back on the house and bury our heads in the sand.

Given that we plan to live here for at least another year and a bit (depressing thought, but thems the breaks), Option 3 isn't going to be the best option for us, or for the person who buys the house when we sell it.

Option 1 would be ideal, but we hadn't counted on having to do this, finance wise, and it would basically mean re-doing the bathroom from scratch. Essentially it would mean spending another 10K on a room which has already been renovated. Something we don't really want to do.

So it is Option 2 for us! We went to the plumbing store today and got a brochure on baths. Lady Luck was on our side, as we found a rectangle bath (as opposed to our round edged bath) that would require minimal alterations to the walls, no change to the depth, and is longer than our current bath! Best of all, the plumbing is right where it is required to be!!!

Thank you Lady Luck! Now I just need to find tiles we both like, and a new tap that controls the bath and shower in one.
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  1. Yikes you have reminded that I need to re-waterproof behind our shower taps!!

    Great work on scoring the perfect bath!! Looking forward to following the progress


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