Monday, September 6, 2010

Point & Shoot - Saturday 4th September 2010

If you live in Victoria you will have no doubt experience a massive amount of rain. If you live elsewhere in the world, you might not know about it.

Within 6 hours, the town I live in had received its monthly average rainfall for September and October! That is how much rain we had. I wasn't aware of it until the next morning when the husband went to work and rang to tell me he would be late due to the floods.

What? Floods? Where?

When he finally got home, we went for a drive out to my parents place, as they are close to where Brian said the highway had been closed, and when he spoke to my mum earlier that morning, she mentioned that they couldn't see their bottom paddock under the water.

So we went for a drive. And found this bridge.
In the 8.5 years my parents have lived in their house, I have only ever seen a trickle going under this bridge after the heaviest of rains. This was full on white water rafting water flow! This is what was feeding it
Ummm, that should be a paddock with a tiny stream going through it, not a river!!!

No wonder it is a little muddy under foot, requiring my gumboots! My heart goes out to those who are in a much worse state than us, and hope that they are staying dry and that the water levels go down quickly.
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  1. Lovely to see you back! Hope the water levels don't get too high in your area.

  2. Yay, you're back! And yes, we've had a case load of rain. Our lake was to the point of bursting it's banks yesterday morning!

  3. yes, I am back for the time being. I am still a little fragile (damn you surgery that takes a month to recover!) but doing ok.

    Kerry, the husband who was previously here, mentioned that it is only the second time the lake here has actually used the spillway in the last 50 years or something.

  4. Well there you go, you learn something new everyday!

  5. oh yes, we went to daylesford for lunch (boathouse) for father's day, only to be told that daylesford hadn't had power for 24hrs, and they could only cook with the gas (sausages etc), we said fine. no floods getting there, but on the way back we went thru Ballan and the Werribee River had gone over the banks, but no homes thank god! Same with Daylesford I think, unlike poor old Creswick aye!

  6. Hope you are feeling better April xx

    And my gosh that WAS alot of rain!! I love looking at photos like this at my dads farm... unbelieveable!


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