Thursday, September 16, 2010


I found these curtains on the interwebs and thought they were incredibly cute. They let enough light in to be functional, depending if you go for the light or dark blind, and add an interest factor with the patterns.  Delia Shades has heaps of patterns, from your circles to lattice work.

With today's modern houses being built with plain glass windows in bathrooms (Seriously, why do my neighbours need to see me shower, trust me, it is not pretty! If anyone knows the answer to this (and why it isn't part of Rescode) do tell me!) they could be a good option to still let light in but block out nosey neighbours.

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  1. We are putting plain glass in our ensuite - but our nearest neighbours are about 600m away behind gum trees and a dam!

    I love having a view from the bathroom - but we will have plantation shutters for when privacy is needed.

    I love those blinds though!


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