Thursday, September 9, 2010

If I had my time again - Bathroom

We have come a long way in our renovations, and at times it feels like we have been here a lot longer than 6 years, and other times it seems like it has only been a couple of years since we first unpacked those few boxes (the husband started with very little, and the 'house move' consisted of a trailer and a ute. In one trip. That is it).

And there are things we have learnt along the way. Mistakes we have made. I don't think anyone ever has "THE PERFECT" house, the one without flaws. And I guess it is those flaws that make a house individual.

So here we have bathroom mistake number one. Oval bath should not go in rectangle hole. Ever! As punishment for doing this, one shall spend vast amounts of time cleaning extra tiles and drainage.

Our shower is over our bath - as we thought our bathroom would be small and not be able to accommodate a separate shower (WRONG!), and now we have a daily battle with the water that pools on this ledge.

We also have the unusable space at the opposite end of the bath (this space is however handy when bathing small children, as it saves having to bend down to the ground to dry and dress them). Basically this ledge is used to hold decorative items, and towels when we shower. It is such a waste of storage space :(

I guess we learn from our mistakes, and believe me, the husband and I have learn from the bath incident.

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  1. Oh yes!! We just built our house..I have learnt to stop analysing every "mistake" we made! Oh if I ever have my time will be ALL about the storage :)

    Love your bathroom though :) and welcome back!

  2. You are so right April There is no such thing as the perfect house, no matter what. There is always something we'd do differently, even if we designed and built the darn thing ourselves.

    Still, as long as we learn from the mistakes, then it's OK.

  3. I guess learning is what it's all about.

    I LOVE how you have decorated and that it says 'relax'. I could definately relax in there.

    Another idea for the ledge - a place to burn candles whilst you soak away? xx

  4. Thanks for the tips.

    I am about to fully renovate a 5 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, so I need all the advice I can get!



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