Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Kitchen Love

Following on from my declaration of love for our kitchen bin, I bring you something else I love in our kitchen.

Our drawers. I always wanted a kitchen full of drawers, and I wish I had chosen to have more installed, however these particular drawers are ever so handy.

In the bottom drawers we have baking bowls and roasting dishes, in the middle we have more baking goods and saucepans on the other side. And at the top we have plates and bowls, and cups and glasses.
Everything is within reach when cooking, and the cups are just below the kettle, which makes it husband proof! Not to mention that we manage to stash more in our drawers than I could in a cupboard, given their is a whole extra 'shelf' happening in there.

Definitely keeping the drawer system in the next house!
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  1. I'm a drawer person too. Even my Mum is. She is about to have her kitchen finally done and is having extra drawers.

    I don't even hang my clothes, they all go in the drawers, it's just so much easier :)

  2. Oh April, I love your drawers! I wish I had more in my kitchen too. Love em

  3. Oh i dig those drawers. Today i just turned out the pantry & the draw which holds all the Tupperware lids, i love that large deep drawer, definitely something we want in our next home. Love Posie

  4. We originally had banks of two pot drawers until a lady at work mentioned how unusable hers were, as she always managed to put so much stuff in them they were too heavy.

    That said, I still worry our crockery drawer is too heavy some days.

    Well done on sorting out the the tupperware lids, I hate that job!


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