Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I wish I could pull this off

I wish I could pull off the peaked cap look. I would so buy this cap
The husband thinks it reminds him of the hats his Pop wears. It so doesn't though, his are tartan with pompoms on top! This is Burberry!!!

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  1. I have a black one like that (not Burberry though :-P). You could pull that off!

  2. I always wish I suited those sorts of hats too! So envious of girls that look great in them!


  3. Britt, see if you say the same thing this time next week :P I tend to look ridiculous in any hat.

    Think I will stick with Amy and just be envious of everyone else.

  4. That is so cute! I love hats, but alas I look crap in all of them. Not one hat looks decent.

    So I too will covet the cute hats with you :)

  5. Soooo not a pop hat!

    I think they are very cool as well. I bought one but haven't ventured out in public in it yet...LOL

  6. No, you could definitely pull that hat off and look fabulous!


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