Friday, March 18, 2011

The brown fluffy stuff

Another installment of the spare (babies) room renovation started way back in mid January. Whilst I was on my summer holidays, I decided to get a price on carpet for the spare room.

An easy enough task, I needed the match the carpet in our bedroom, so the colour and style was settled. I was worried that our carpet would have been discontinued since we renovated our bedroom 16 months ago, but luck was on my side.

Until the lovely people at my carpet company rang to tell me that my carpet was on backorder for the next 6 weeks. Seems I am not the only one who loves my carpet :(

So, after the longest wait of my renovating lifetime, the day finally arrived when it was to be installed, and I left the room looking like this

and my dining room looking like this - so much baby stuff already :S

and I came home to see this lovely sight

Oh how I love my new carpet!

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  1. Its beautiful! Did the carpet people put a trim on where it meets your floorboards or did you already have one there? I need to source some for some of my rooms.

  2. Oh wow April, what a stunning colour!!

  3. Rose, the carpet people did put the metal trim thingie on the floor at the door frame. You can buy it from Bunnings if that is any help, it is in the carpet aisle.

  4. Must be exciting to finally have the carpet. We have a room with this carpet color and I love it, we just need to paint the walls in ecru (Dulux) to bring it all together. Look forward to seeing the room when your finished.
    Rebecca x


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