Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Following on from last week, I am doing Weekend Intentions again, this time with an extra day to do it - gotta love a long weekend!

This weekend I wanted to:
  • paint the door of my office, as it was really starting to annoy me - granted I did start this one random Wednesday night on a whim, but it needed another coat
  • paint the skirting boards in the dining room and lounge - I got lazy when we renovated and only painted the skirting boards that weren't covered by furniture.
  • make a large batch of chow mien for the freezer

I am happy to say I achieved 3.5 of the four tasks, but today is a public holiday in Victoria, so I plan to finish painting the skirting boards on the lounge side today.

All in all, another successful weekend. I only wish there were more of them around the place

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  1. well done.
    Loving all your freezer meals.
    All my baby's are bigger now days but I'm finally getting around to freezing meals. i find they are just way to cranky in the evening to cook.

  2. good on you! My weekend was only about 2% is life :P

  3. Amen - the world needs more long weekends!

  4. Yay you! Very productive weekend :) Frozen meals are a brilliant idea..something I wished I'd done. Especially when you are trying to feed a hungry 3 day old..while pondering your own lunch/dinner!


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