Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nappy Basket

Such a cute little storage tub, not entirely sure I need a heap of pretty burping cloths though. Surely a plain cloth nappy would do the same thing?

Feel free to correct me on that one though.

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  1. But the pretty ones look so much better when you are out and about!

  2. Nappy flats have many uses, and burp cloths are definitely one of them. I've never actually seen a mum with a fancy burp cloth, didn't even know they existed until a couple of months ago.

    I do like pretty baskets for displaying and storing pretty MCNs

  3. Oh how gorgeous April :) It's the same fabric as Oscar's cot quilt (except his is the brown version). And by all means YES you need lots of pretty burp cloths! A plain nappy does do the same job, but there's something about a pretty one that makes all that baby vomit a wee bit more tolerable xx

  4. would you STOP posting gorgeous things on your blog? I read, and then pull out my credit card, it's killing me!


  5. Chrissy, I remember you posting about Oscars nursery, I think that may be where I fell in love with the fabric!

    Amy, sorry :( I will try to not post pretty things ever again. Well least for the next 5 minutes :P


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