Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I have been looking for a mirror for the hallway for a little while now, and eventually found this beauty on ebay one day. It just happened to be missing the mirror part.

Only thing was that I wasn't overly taken with it being gold. Never being one afraid of a challenge, I decided I could change it rather easily with a tin or two of spraypaint.
I loved the detail in the mirror so much more when it was white, especially as some little fiddly parts couldn't be painted.

Once painted I took it to a local framers to have a mirror insert custom made. I have to say, I was glad I didn't attempt to do it myself, as they did such a wonderful job on the finishing of the mirror. As soon as the husband returned from a week away with work I made him hang it in the hallway for me.

I love having it in the hallway, not only does it reflect light more, it means I can quickly check my reflection before running out the door for work without having to go to the bathroom (the only other mirror in our house!)

For the grand total of $90 I have a beautiful mirror that I am more than happy with.
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  1. What a great transformation, much better white than gold.

  2. April it's gorgeous!! I love it.

  3. Love it April. Amazing what a touch of "white" can do. Love it!

  4. the mirror is beautiful well done.

  5. Looks fantastic April! I just inherited an antique oval mirror from my husband's grandparents. It too needs some work but will be well worth it when it is done. I'll send you some piccies. Ange

  6. Oh please do Ange, I would love to see what you do with your mirror.

    Thanks everyone. The lady I brought it from had larger ones too (as in floor mirrors) and I wish I had a place for one of those in our bedroom, as it would have been great.

  7. That is stunning April, I love it. I have one I am planning to do the same thing to, one day... when I get around to it... lol


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