Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Intentions

On Friday a friend A posted about Chocolate & Bubbles weekend intentions. I was more than a touch busy at work on Friday and forgot to post about it, but thought I would do a recap on Monday.

I set myself three tasks:

  • clean the floors - being home alone for 10 days meant I had neglected to vacuum since the husband left for work. It was beginning to show.
  • paint the lounge room window - who knows how long the current good weather will last in Victoria
  • make a large batch of something freezable for when the baby arrives. Some might call it nesting.
I am proud to admit I made a large batch of spaghetti sauce. And when I say large, I mean L-A-R-G-E
 That would be my 6.5Ltr Scanpan pot. I figure I made close to 5 litres of spaghetti sauce, using 2kg of mince, 2 large onions, and 4 bottles of sauce. And packed it all into little single meal containers for the freezer.

I did also manage to get the cleaning done prior to my dad visiting, and got one coat of paint on the window. I could probably get away with just one coat on it, but might as well do two - there is just enough paint left in the tin. Pictures of that to come at a later date.

So there you go, that was my weekend. What did you get up to?

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  1. Wow! That's alot of spaghetti sauce! Such good idea though. I might add tht to mynext weekend intentons list!

  2. Now that's some serious bolognaise sauce April! You'll definitely thank yourself for being so organised when bubba arrives, dinner is the last thing you feel like worrying about.

    Chrissy xx

  3. I also have plans for making a large batch of chow mien for the freezer, several types of casseroles, and several types of soup. I have already requested a stockpot full of minestrone from my mother in law.

    Meanwhile I need to resist the urge to eat them before the baby arrives - especially hard when the husband is away for work and I am making meals for one.


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