Thursday, March 24, 2011

You wouldn't read about it...

But our kitchen is finished!

It is not without its faults, but I am trying to look beyond those and focus on the good parts. The bad parts can't be changed, so no point in focusing on it.
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  1. OK April, I give up.
    What's bad about it? Looks pretty darn good to me.

  2. AND I just noticed your ticker- congratulations on almost 30 weeks! :) :) :)

  3. It's more me being picky.

    I told our tiler that I didn't want a sloped grout finish on the top of the tiles, I would prefer either the flat glass top of the tiles, or I would buy that domed strip stuff. He assured me that he could finish it so it was just the glass at the top, obviously with tiny bits of grout in the cracks. He forgot on the day.

    I also had the pattern drawn on the plaster behind our cooktop, but stuffed it up above the glass tiles. I told him this the night before when he came to look at it, and he wrote a note on the wall about not following the pattern drawn. When he layed the tiles he forgot, and used the pattern drawn on the wall.

    Lastly there are a few tiles that don't sit flat, that should have had a bit more glue under them so they were all the same distance from the wall. These ones are only obvious when the rangehood light is on though, so they don't bother me too much.

    I was more than a little annoyed on the night, as he promised to come mid January, and arrived mid March only after I told him to get it done as I had guests coming and needed it to be finished. I hate being told that someone will be somewhere at a certain time and then being stood up, and his guy annoyed me as I was constantly chasing him about my job. Thank goodness it is the last job we needed to hire him to do!

  4. Thanks Amy, I am almost 30 weeks, but waddling like I am 41 weeks - damn SPD! The poor baby gets told how many weeks til it is being evicted daily these days LOL

  5. Looks fantastic!! Is it the Buddhists that have a saying that everything must have a flaw because to be perfect is to be divine? Something like that anyway. They purposely make things with a flaw because of this!


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