Friday, January 27, 2012

Art Smocks

My god-daughter recently turned 5, and if that wasn't a major milestone in her life, she is about to start primary school too!

When buying a gift, I like to give something that there is a high chance of no-one else giving, and something that will be utalised. So for Em's birthday I thought about getting her a personalised pencil case for school, but wasn't sure that no-one else would get her one. Her mother informed me that they have school issue library bags (boo! it wasn't pretty like the one in my head) but no art-smocks.

With that in mind I set off to find an adorable artsmock, and came across Miss Tilly and Me. Allison had the most adorable smocks, and was a complete gem to deal with. She even personalised Em's name on her smock for no added cost!

Within a few days this pretty was in my mailbox. I could not be more impressed with it.

The sewing is A+ and the attention to detail is supurb. It is a far cry from the old business shirt that I used to wear as an artsmock at school!

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  1. Oh I so need one of them for miss A in a couple of years........ too adorable!


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