Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy: Towels

See this basket here? It is full of towels for Eliza. Hooded towels, plain towels, extra fluffy towels, and close to a million facewashers. And there is another basket in the bathroom. And a few on the clothes line.

To be honest, I wish I never brought any myself, as we got given majority as gifts, which was lovely, don't get me wrong, but we only ever use the same three towels: the pink hooded towel on top, a normal towel that my mum embroidered for Eliza to lay on whilst getting dressed/undressed, and a spare hooded when the pink one is in the wash. I tend to use the rest of them for drying my hair!

My advice? Save buying towels until after the birth, or if you must, only buy one or two beforehand. A regular bath towel is just as good too.
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  1. Funny because I didn't buy any, wasn't given any and ended up buying a hooded beach towel for the shower/pool which we use all the time. I was happy to use our normal bath towels (of which we have heaps) but Astrid loves the hooded one.

  2. I like the hooded ones as they help dry her hair, but regular towels are just as good.

  3. I think she feels more secure in the hooded one but when it's in the wash she just gets a regular one, I was't buying any more :)


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