Monday, January 16, 2012

Drawer Knobs

When I was buying the furniture for Eliza's room I wanted to get crystal knobs for her dresser, but worried that it would be too girly if I had a boy (and I was convinced I was having a boy). So I left the stock standard Ikea knobs on the dresser and forgot all about it.

Then whilst killing some time on ebay, I found some crystal knobs for less than $3 each. Bargain.

Aren't they pretty?
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  1. I love these! Very pretty

  2. They're lovely April. Don't throw the Ikea knoba away thopugh. They don't make them anymore and you never know when you might want them again

  3. Lesley, I shoved them in the hallway drawers, just incase I ever need a knob. I figured if I changed the ones in the hallway I have a set of 10.

  4. They look gorgeous! A friend of mine is looking for some so I'll have to tell her to check out ebay. Ange


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