Monday, January 23, 2012

Bedroom Robe Doors

This was actually completed last year, to just scrape in the list of things I wanted to complete for 2011.

It started out as a pretty boring task, remove doors and chisel out the hole for the flush sliders, so that I could paint them. It was meant to take a day.

It took three weeks. Which meant I had to look at this for three weeks (and this is the cleaned up version).

Why did it take so long? Well I started by using a brush to paint them. Huge mistake as the brush marks were visible, and unlike every other door in our house that has a textured finish, these ones have a smooth finish. FAIL #1. Sand back doors.

So I decided to spray paint them for a nice smooth finish. Added bonus was that we had a friends spray kit at home already. Fantastic. Until the paint ran as neither of us had much of an idea of how to spraypaint doors (top tip: use an airless system or a mighty big compressor. Neither of which we did). FAIL #2. Sand back doors again.

So we were starting to run out of options (and baby sleep time), so we went back to our old faithful: rolling. Which was a success, thank goodness as I was contemplating paying $300 for new doors at this point and sending them to a professional painter.

So now we have this view:

In our next house I am having a better system.
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  1. They look great for all your hard work!

  2. How frustrating however the end product looks great. Ange

  3. The end product looks grea!!!

    What system would you go with next time?


  4. I'd make the hanging space larger, the shelves narrower (and not as deep, as things get lost at the back). Idealy I would have this whole robe for me, and another one for the husband, but we just didn't have the space.

    Next time.


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