Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy: Bumbo & Tray

 For us, this was $70 well spent. Eliza has been sitting in the bumbo since she was around 3 months old, first to get used to sitting, then as a table for food, and now as a substitute high chair if we go somewhere.

It really is handy, and very easy to wash when someone smears banana into the sides of it. Highly recommend it, and am planning on buying one for a friends baby on the way.

If you are looking for one, don't pay more than $55 for the seat and $20 for the tray. They are regularly on sale for these prices at Baby Bunting. There are ebay sellers selling them for much more than this and praying on sleep deprived mums who don't have time to research prices.
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  1. I was actually contemplating the other day whether one of these would be good for Sophie. I didn't buy one for Grace but Sophie just wants to be exactly where Grace is all the time and isn't happy lying down where she can't be part of the action. At 14 weeks, she's much stronger with her head now so maybe this would be an option...?

  2. It is a terribly handy thing Amanda. We use ours regularly, even though we feed in the high chair.

  3. I adore my Bumbo. At the moment he's six months old and sitting on the kitchen table to eat- actually safer than a high chair with an older brother who likes to climb up and annoy him.

    My almost-3 year old can still fit into it and loves sitting in it too. It's one of the handiest things EVER.


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