Monday, March 1, 2010

New House?

I love this house. So much so, I have convinced the husband that we need to drive 5 hours from home to see it. 

He agreed, so he must like it too!

PS - I have entered this in Buttons By Lou Lou's At My House Monday, as it is what the people of our house are doing today, even though it isn't in my house :) Pin It


  1. It certainly does look lovely. Would be nice to come home to.

  2. That house looks gorgeous! Fingers crossed it's the one.

  3. We went to see the block we are looking at the other day, and I finally convinced the husband that a regular house (ie not a ranch style house) would suit as well, so now we have more options :D

  4. Lovely! How I love visiting metricon display homes!


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