Thursday, March 25, 2010

A calming space

One thing I love about display homes (oh yes, I am sure you have worked out that I did a massive Display House Tour one weekend - I infact made it around 28 houses in one day...never again!) is that they are designed to be lived in. Designed for the average Joe to say "yes, I can see my stuff in this house". In the majority of them, they are styled with every day items, from regular stores like Target and Adairs. It is one of my hates when glossy magazines show items from stores that aren't readily available. Sure, I get that people pick things up in their travels, but honestly, I hate it when I see the worlds best bookcase, to see it was brought home in a shipping container from Egypt!

This is why I love display homes for inspiration!

Oh, and I love blogs - some of my favourite house pictures are from regular blogs! So keep em coming, if you see something I should know about, email me!!! Pin It


  1. Oh those pics seem like your style April? They remind me of your kitchen, have they used the same tiles?
    I think American interior decorating depresses me, so much lovely stuff not available here.

  2. You're right Rose, it was a very 'me' kitchen. I think I have changed my mind a million times on our kitchen wall tiles, which is why I am still looking at plaster behind my rangehood!

  3. Love display homes April. They do give you some great ideas.
    PS I've given you an award , but don't feel obliged to follow on if you don't feel like it.

  4. Hi April, I found your blog via 'Life at Number 10". Congratulations on your award and on your weight loss so far! That is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing more of your renovation. xx


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