Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paynesville - Part 1

The husband I decided to take a break a few weeks back, booking our leave late last year. Origionally we were meant to be going on houseboat with my best friend, but it turns out she is pregnant with triplets! Extreamly exciting, but killed our holiday plans.

So in order to go see this house, we decided to go to the Gippsland Lakes and stay in Paynesville. Neither of us had ever been there, and, well, it seemed like a good idea. 

Only one thing stood in our way. My car is a Toyota Corolla, and does not have a towball (probably because it is a small car, and has no need for a towball). That was overcome $450 later when a tow kit was fitted to my car (yes, I laughed at it too, until I realised going to Ikea would be so much easier with a trailer).

So we packed up the car and boat. And started the 6 hour drive.

The husband had booked a cute little cabin at Allawah. I can not recommend them highly enough, they had great facilities, including 7 waterfront cabins

Each cabin has its own private jetty (I think this was why husband chose this particular place, but anyhoo)

So a boating trip was needed. Unfortuantly there was a terribly low bridge ahead. It is at this point I wish to point out the husband failed to give me adequate notice to this fact, and I was forced to crouch in the bottom of a wet boat.

Thank you husband, thank you.

to be continued....
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