Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kitchen Tiles - TICK!

After a week of walking on glued but not grouted tiles, it was starting to wear thin. Even when being careful to lift my feet, I would occassionally stub my toe on an edge. Hence a call was made to my step-dad to come and help with the grouting. Coming home on Friday I was greeted with this beautiful sight:

But, me being me, that wasn't good enough. I needed one last thing to be done by the husband. I needed the kickboards installed. Luckily we had set aside this weekend to do jobs around the house. Saturday we achieved little, mainly due to him being called in to work (convenient much?). But Sunday was the day. He had a choice: kickboards or paint the bathroom and do the skirtings. He chose kickboards.

And the bathroom

For the first time since renovating our bathroom three and a half years ago, we have a secure toilet. See, we never bothered to screw it to the floor. It was meerly held to the floor by the sucky black pipe underneath. EVERYONE who used our loo commented on how it rocks, but it never really bothered us to spend a grand total of $12.35 (screws - $1.30, floor plugs $2.50, drill bit $8.55) on fixing it to the floor. But with tiles in, it has now been secured, and no longer rocks.

So, it is now fair to say that our kitchen is 99% finished. The last two tasks are installing a phone line behind the freezer, and putting the handles on the new rangehood cupboards (which were finally replaced AGAIN, and third time was the charm). The bathroom needs a little bit of work in the coming weeks though.
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  1. Your bathroom looks gorgeous - I can't wait until we finally renovate ours!

  2. Looking mighty fine April. Mighty fine!

  3. oh wow I love your kitchen tiles!

    Our bathroom has a very similar green - I love it.

    Your place is looking amazing!

  4. They look great April. I love the green in your bathroom. Very fresh. When we were looking to buy I saw a house with similar colour in the bathroom and it looked great.


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