Friday, January 7, 2011

Apprently I am Stylish?

Clearly Kel and Cat are delusional LOL!!!

The lovely Cat from Life in Cat's Pyjamas, and Kel from Natsukashii, have both awarded me a Stylish Blogger. Delusional as they may be, I am touched they think of me like that.

My requested tasks to receive this award are:
* Thank and link back to the person(s) who gave me this award.
* Share 7 things about myself.
* Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
* Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 Things About Me That I Haven't Already Told You:
1. I have an unhealthy addiction to trashy TV shows. Shows directed at teenagers are my favourite (think Dawsons Creek, Greek, The Secret Life etc)
2. I can't use a battery drill to save my life. 
3. I class walking around the shops as exercise. Same with the mailbox.
4. I will only wear Bonds Hipster undies. Fancy undies freak me out.
5. I remember the most random things. I can tell you what I wore on my first proper date with the husband 7 years ago (Sportsgirl wide leg jeans, a tan coloured singlet and a dark brown cardigan with brown boots).
6. I have started 2 degrees and one diploma and finished none.
7. Speaking of degrees, I actively avoid having to pay my HECS debt. I was shattered when I was given a payrise last year as it meant I had to start paying it back.

15 Blogs I Think Are Great, in no particular order:
A View on Design
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So Frenchy So Chic
Stuff That I Brought
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Ninja Tales
Project Nursery

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, I DO think you are stylish, by the way!

  2. well thank you my love - it's nice to see i'm in such good stead with other fab blogs - I must go check the ones I didn't recognise!!!

    I've got a couple of award since starting over a year ago - but I love em heaps when I get them because not many comment on my blog, and I have no idea what kinda feeling people have about my blog - so thanx heaps babe - and I see my investment prop blog there too, so I must update that this week! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANNIE

  3. Thanks April! And thanks for your comment - I'd lost the link to your blog when I got a new computer, I'm so glad to have found you again.

  4. btw i'm sorry to hear about your payrise! LOL

    as for the walking, I'm on the same page!


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