Friday, January 21, 2011


As I have mentioned previously, my mum is a quilter and said that she will make as many quilts as I like for the baby or myself. The only thing is I have to go through all the pattern books, a task I have been avoiding doing for the last 6 years that she has been quilting.

So every now and then I save random pictures I find on the internet of quilts that I have fallen in love with.

Here is a few that have caught my fancy.
A simple block quilt in shades of pink, blue and green for a little girl.

A beautiful red toille quilt with a checker pattern through it.

A simple seems exposed block quilt. I love this one, as it is in flannel from Riley Blake's Love Birds series. The exposed seems make the quilt so soft and snuggly, as well as adding visual interest to the quilt.
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  1. I am having a crack at a quilt very similar to the bottom one. I am a novice and loved the soft cuddly feel of the exposed edges. The fabric in mine is flanelette too! Just found your blog, following along and god luck with the bubs, we too are 10 weeks pregnant but with our third.


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