Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy (belated) New Year

As I don't tend to do personal resolutions (I tend to break them by the 5th of January), I thought I would do a list of things I want to achieve in and around the house for 2011 (preferably prior to June). 2011 is the year of finishing tasks.

1. Paint the front door. I know, how long have I been going on about that, and it still isn't done. Must do that soon.

2. Tile the fire place floor thingy, it's been two years since we ripped out the old bricks and I am starting to get a little sick of looking at the chipboard. I have the tiles chosen, I think I may have even ordered them. Hmmm, wonder if the tiler could do that when he does the kitchen splashback?

3. Install a bigger air-con vent in the lounge room - once again, it has been two years of putting up with the one small vent rather than the two we used to have. Such a simple task, yet never gets done. I did once ring the people who installed the ducted system and they quoted me $600 to change it over. Considering it is a $100 part, a bit of duct tape and the removal of a small bit of plaster, I gave them a miss.

4. Paint all the doors in the house. There are 11 internal doors in our house and not one of them has been painted. Must rectify that soon.

5. Do something with the front of the house. The veranda needs to be re-concreated or something, and the posts holding up the veranda roof have been looking pretty rotten for the last 6 years. I would love to deck it,  but there isn't really the room, so I think we are just going to lay new concreate over the old to make it flat or something (I tuned out along the way as I was thinking about what colours to paint the front of the house by this time).

6. Finish painting the skirting boards in the office and have the carpets replaced. Whilst I am at it, I might as well hang the frames holding certificates on the wall too, rather than have them sitting in a pile beside the desk.

7. Hang the artwork I brought last March in our bedroom. Three little hooks is all it requires. I even have the hooks sitting on my bedside table

There were a few more jobs on the list, but I managed to get a few of those done over the Christmas break. Let's see how I go...

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  1. It's always the little things that you never get around to!

  2. Much better than "resolutions" :) Good luck!


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