Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick - Someone make a decision for me

Quick, someone make a decision for me, I can't decide on a nursery colour.

The nursery will look much the same as our bedroom, only with white furniture rather than timber.
Same paint. Same carpet. Same curtains.

I was set on red, but then couldn't find the co-ordinating fabric that I wanted. Everything was either stripes, dots or floral. If we have a boy, the husband might not be overly approving of florals.

Then I was going through my fabric stash, and found my Joel Dewberry Avery range, and remembered it came in orange. Unfortunately it is now discontinued and buying yards of fabric is as rare as Mr Burns being friendly on an episodes of the Simpsons.

I had a brief affair with yellow, as I do like yellow, but feared it would look washed out in the room.

Then came green. I have always been a green fan, even though I rid my house of being painted it, I still like it. (yes, I know there is floral, it could be replaced with spots or something).

I want something that I can mix another colour with when we find out the babies gender in June, but I don't really want to have to redecorate when the baby is here. What do you think?

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  1. I wish I could help but I'm awful with decorating.

  2. What about a pale aqua, it goes beautifully with white and would have to be about as unisex as it comes. You could add touches of pale pink if you have a girl. Touches of red or yellow would make for a modern colour scheme for a boy.

  3. I like the idea of orange and or green... you should come decorate my childrens room. :)

  4. Oh Emma, you have just opened a whole nother option! I like the idea of aqua, especially with our colour scheme.

    Off to investigate on etsy now.

  5. Ohhh, hard choice. Green is good, if it's a boy you can mix with oranges, and browns, for a girl, a bright fuschia pink always goes really well with green.

    I'm not a decorator though, so won't add any advice, because it's likely to be awful!

  6. I doubt that Amy, I highly doubt that!

    Hmmm, So far aqua and green are wining - maybe even together :D

  7. Go the green! Loving the green! I wouldn't do aqua and green together though, more inclined with orange and green.

    The second orange sample is an Olga Berg bag fabric that I have- very nice ;)


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