Monday, January 17, 2011

Shades of Light

With the exception of two lights in our house, everything is ceiling mounted downlights. I prefer how unobtrusive they are in a room. However, when we renovated our hallway we decided to keep the hanging pendant light, mainly because it helped the 3.3m high ceilings not seem so high. I was never a fan of the light shade in the hallway, but never quite got around to changing it either.

I spotted the Fuji Pendant shade in Freedom recently, and although I thought it was lovely, I left it in the store as I wasn't sure it would suit our house. It took me a good month of thinking before I decided to go back and buy it.

Unfortunately it didn't suit our hallway, it was too modern in a fairly old room, and it was too high for anyone to admire its beauty. Major disappointment. My frown soon turned upside down when I realised I could put it in our office, which has regular 2.4m ceilings, and it would suit.

Ignore that our light is hanging from the ceiling by the light cable and isn't actually screwed in place - we managed to break the light fitting quite some time ago and still haven't got around to replacing the batten fitting. Must do that when I go to collect the rest of the electrical goods for the spare room

Close up of the cutout detail on the side of the shade.

My favourite part is the underside of the shade though. It hides the bulb and leaves a soothing patern on everything

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  1. April, that shade must cast a gorgeous light with the flower pattern. Looks so beautiful...

  2. Oh what a beautiful shade- I love the underside of it too! I love the Freedom lampshades. XX Samantha


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