Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunshine on my window. Makes me (un)happy

Hmph, I had a huge post written, but seems Blogger decided to eat it.

As you well know, when we renovated our kitchen we put in a glass sliding door as our back door. Whilst it lets in lots of lovely natural sunlight, it has a bad side - it lets in lots of lovely natural sunlight.

A blind was in order. But what kind of blind was best suited to our needs? It needed to block out light, be reasonably slimline, and match our interior theme of being neutral. I originally planned timber venetians, but they would be terrible impracticable. Mesh roller blinds were within our budget, but didn't block out enough light.

Enter blockout drapes from Freedom

Best part was that we got them on sale post Christmas. The entire job came in at less than $150, the most expensive part being the curtain rod! Another job off the list :D

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  1. Wow, taht's a great price!! :) They look lovely :)

  2. great bargain and great result! well done!! just loving your blog, can't believe I haven't stumled onto it sooner!


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