Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog This: Meet the Parents

Sorry about the blurred faces, my stepdad asked to not be identified

Parents: like them or lump them everyone's got them!

share with us your favourite memory of your mother or father or another parent-figure in your life. It may be a wonderful mother-daughter experience you had with your mum, or something special you've done with your children... inspire us!

My parents divorced with I was around 3 years old, and my mum remarried when i was 19. My stepdad is an amazing man, who understood that to be a family member, you have to be a friend first (and that bribery is the best way through to a 13 year old)

When the husband and I decided to get married it was always a big worry about how to include all 3 of my parents in the wedding ceremony. My step father and I are quite close (much closer than I am with my real dad) so it was important to me that he was included. And my mum HAD to feature somewhere as she was the one who raised me to the exceptional person i am (not that I am biased ;) ).

So when we chose our wedding venue, rather than take the short walk down the aisle, I chose to walk up a gravel path, 20 something bluestone steps, and then down the aisle. A process that was quite tiring in my wedding dress. But well worth it when my dad walked the first part with me, until he was joined part way by my stepdad. They both walked me up the stairs, where my mum greeted us. She walked me the final distance and gave me away.

The photo above is one of my favorites, as it is completely random, but captures the emotion of our wedding. I am disappointed that all of the ones that feature my mum look shocking, but least I have my memories. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, there was no 'pow' moment, but when I look back at the photo I realise how lucky I am to have three amazing parents, who are good friends, who all love me so much to not complain that they didnt get a traditional role in my wedding.

So there you have it, on the biggest day of my life, I realised how much I love my three parents, and how much I cherish them as well as my husband. I can only hope I am as amazing as them when I am a parent
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  1. What a great story, and how lovely that you not only thought of a great way to have them all part of the 'giving away' but that they were all happy about it!

  2. That's a great idea.

    My parents are also divorced (both re-married, step-dad = the best, step-mum = the worst!) and because my Mum has put twice as much effort into raising me and my siblings I had both her and Dad walk me down the aisle and give me away.

  3. what a nice story of a happy 'blended' family like yours. are wedding day memories the best???


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