Friday, August 14, 2009

Liquid Diet

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Aunty Em mentioned that she wasnt jealous of my liquid diet. I have to admit, I was terrified at the thought of it. Just so you realise, I have to be on a liquid diet for around 2 weeks, and then move to mushies for another 2 weeks, and then start to move to normal foods.

As I said, I was terrified of the liquid food stage, what the hell was i going to drink? All i could think of was water and soft drink (which was obviously ruled out very quickly). So far, 3 days in, it hasnt been too bad.

My food intake goes like this:
Breakfast: half a glass of orange juice
Lunch: half a cup of soup (pumpkin, chicken and sweet corn, veggie - anything really, just as long as it can be sucked through a straw)
Dinner: half a cup of soup or some custard, depending on how i feel.

Yesterday i could only manage a few teaspoons of food at each sitting, so it took me 4 hours to get through my half cup of soup, which meant by dinner time i wasnt overly hungry, and just had 50mls custard.

It is amazing to think that just last week I would have drowned that entire 400ml tin of soup in one sitting with a bread roll or something. We had 'dinner' at my father in-laws house last night, and he made the comment that he likes cooking for me, as i eat so little, and I bring my own food :D

Suppose he has a point now.

Oh, and as an added bonus of the liquid diet, I have lost 8kg since last Friday
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  1. OMG 8kgs in one week!
    Can you function on such little intake April?

  2. i am actually functioning ok, i take a vitamin to help, i am suprised! it won't always be like this though, after next week it should slow down to around .5 to 1kg a week or so

  3. Wow! 8Kg in a week?! isn't that like 16 pounds? sheesh! You're wasting away! I'm very excited for you. I am SOOO Very happy that this is working for you... and want to wish you well Keep up the good work... I am rooting for you all the way from the states! Woot woot!

  4. Wow, you are strong! I would be starving!

    Glad it is going well though :)

    And where do you make the avatar thing? I want one :D

  5. Good for you chickie, you're looking great already.


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