Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to go crazy on the way to ikea (as opposed to in Ikea)

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Today I finally entered into the satnav world. I took my time, obviously. Hell, even my mother (who struggles to turn on her mobile phone, little own check her voicemail) has satnav!

So today I bit the bullet. We had been discussing it for sometime, I had been researching the model I wanted (TomTom XL340). And with a trip to Ikea on todays agenda, I thought it was best I buy one.

So into the electrical store I go, pick up the box, hand over the credit card, and back into the car. All works well. Well, after I figured out how to turn up the volume so I could actually hear Jane.

It all went down hill when I arrived in Melbourne. A few months ago they opened a new bypass. A bypass that doesnt exist on my TomTom. So it kept abusing me, telling me to do a "U-turn when safe". And then it went one step to far. It told me to do a "sharp left" into oncoming traffic :O

Now obviously, I realised that I am smarter than a 4.3" screen and a pommy voice, and I kept on going in the correct direction. But it made me wonder about tourist who dont know Melbourns roads. That could be nasty!

Anyway, I continued going on the Western Ring, and it kept abusing me. I would have turned it off, but I needed directions once I was in the tunnel.

What crazy things has a satnav told you to do?
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  1. And you pretty much drove past my house and didn't bother to say hi, waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Sorry chook, I shall wave next time...if only I knew where you lived! LOL

  3. ahahaha .. have you ever seen The Simple Life? The episode where Nicole and Paris are driving and they can see where they want to be but keep going around in circles and can't actually get there?

    I was in Sydney in January last year, and the (hired) GPS kept sending me in circles. Eventually, I defied its instructions, and got to where I needed to be. But it was very much like *that* episode of The Simple Life. Only I'm smarter.


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