Thursday, August 20, 2009

What happens when you spend too long at home

I don't do sitting at home that well.

So, you can image how well I am doing these holidays when I can't do much. I can't lift anything, I cant drive very far, and I am sick of daytime tv.

So today I pulled down our chimney!!!

This is how it looked this morning

After I worked my magic

Now, for you worrying about me pulling down the chimney, I must make a confession, I didnt even work up a sweat. My good friend toot (below) gave the braun, all I had to do was chuck it in the low range and put my foot to the floor. Go toot!

Then it was the husbands turn. He brought out the sledge hammer and went to town on the rest of the bricks.

Now, we have a problem. There is a gapeing hole in the middle of my kitchen wall. Shit. What does one do to fill it? use left over roofing iron, of course! Leaving me with a roller door looking thing. But it keeps the cat in, and the dogs out, so I can deal with it for a week or so.

So there you go, next time you're bored on holidays, try knocking down something that forms the foundation for part of your house. It's fun :D Pin It


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