Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Surgery: Updated

Image from Flickr

Yesterday I had to make the three hour journey down to see my surgeon in the very beautiful Williamstown. I love going to Williamstown, as there are some beautiful shops, and heaps of lovely little cafes to have lunch on the waterfront.

Unfortuantly, the husband came with me, which limited the shopping and dining experiences to a complete zero.

But my surgeon was esatic at my recovery, I am doing well. The only concern is that I have a minor infection in one of my sites, but it should be cleared up with a course of antibiotics. He is happy for me to move up to mushy food as I please, and has booked me in for my first fill for mid September. YAY!

Now I need to find my gym membership card and get thy bum to the gym. Oh the joy.
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  1. Wow that is awesome April I'm so happy for you!!

  2. Good to hear that all is a-ok chick! I was a bit worried about you after Sunday, so I'm glad it all went well!


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