Saturday, August 22, 2009


Now, I am a bit of a fan of ikea in theory. In real life, I am not such a fan.

I love to look on the ikea website and plan what to buy. In reality, I never make it there, as it is in a terrible spot in Melbourne (in the middle of the city, with shitty parking), the store is always packed with people who stop in the middle of an aisle, holding up 50 other shoppers, and it takes far to long to get from start to finish. Then there is the checkouts. Urgh

I am the person who constantly whinges that ikea don't have an online store (for those who are on my twitter, you know what I am on about). Seriously, it would be so much easier if I could order from Ikea online. Why do they not offer this? Surely it is the way of the future?!?

So, anyway, today I went to Ikea to check out their shelving for the laundry. In the end I came home with a cutlery draw divider thing (for $2), a couple of shoe holder things ($7 each) and some finger puppets for my niece. I was out of there for $25. Very disappointing, especially considering nothing was suitable for our laundry

Until I found the food stall. And the god-like substance that is Ikea Meatballs. I love them, but much to my disappointment, I had already eatten lunch before arriving at Ikea. So 2 bags of meatballs later, I was happy.

So this was tonight's dinner: Ikea Meatballs ala April

Oh, and in all of my excitement about meatballs, i forgot to look for their mash potato. Dammit, why do Ikea not do mailorder? Pin It


  1. ooh ooh I love their meatballs too!!

    I only live 20 mins away from an IKEA so I eat lunch there quite a bit (I know lame!)

    But I have had lots of disappointing visits recently lately too!

  2. omg, Amy, if I had a choice I would dine at Ikea all the time! they had some awesome looking food yesterday.

    I highly recommend the chocolate brownies too :D

  3. my closest Ikea is almost 2 hours away so when I do get the chance to hit it I am ALL over the mindless wandering and admit to being a person that stops in the middle of the isle that pisses everyone else off. I have never had ikea meatballs I usually end up with a hot dog or a frozen yogurt. I know lame but my Ikea trips are incredibly random. I do love the little things from there though. I can hardly wait for my next adventure to Ikea... in fact its such a novel concept that I have A DATE to go to Ikea with a friend of mine that has never been. we are making an of it. again lame but i'm so looking forward to it

  4. that is so funny!
    I am constantly on the ikea website and saving pictures and writing lists for what i need for each room in my house. I have been dying for these black and white striped floor runners and got on the site on friday to check them out again and they were not on there! i nearly died and so promptly drove to ikea on sunday (at least its only 40 minutes form my house), with a 1 year old and 3 year old, there were 5 billion people there, standing in the middle of the aisles and of course the runners were not there, i asked an assistant who told me they wont be back in for 6-8 weeks for quality control reasons. why did i not just ring them????

  5. Meatball eh? Was that your dinner or Brian's?

    As for Ikea, well I could spend all day in there, but Stephen just would not cope. You and I should be Ikea buddies I think!

  6. that is my dinner, which brian at most of.

    Kerry, its a deal, we shall now share Ikea, as well as a KA, a car and an iphone ;)


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