Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kitchen Renovations

Yesterday morning when I went to work, my house looked somewhat normal. It had cupboards, looked pretty functional. It had cupboards, appliances, a sink.

What I returned to was anything but!

We now have an extra door, as it would have been a bit breezy until we got the new walls up

Our very good friend, Peewee, helping demolish
This morning's destruction. Husband is doing something up there, possible cutting out the ceiling

Ohh, what a mess!!
Now, just to show the lovely weather we are having, our backyard was puddle free last night, and this is what happened overnight. Guess who was the awesome person who got to treck timber to the fire in the middle of the paddock all morning :(
Missing the side wall and a ceiling
My wonderful father in law destroying the other wall
Oh dear lord, I have no walls. Least I have a floor though

Oh wait, they took that too!! 18m2 of concrete that needed to find its way to a trailer. Thank the lord for fathers!

All cleaned up for the night

So there you go, that was my day. On our couch there is two very sore, tired bodies, that really don't want to be be digging tomorrow. But it must be done I suppose!
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  1. OMG! What a bloody mess! I'm sure it will look great when its finished though. I'm renovating at the moment too (well trying anyway). Look forward to the pics when its done.

  2. Oh Kerree, how exciting. Are you blogging about it?

  3. I will be blogging about it when I actually get off my butt and do it! I don't think my renovations are going to be as extreme as yours though. Although my rumpus room burnt down and I have to redo that from scratch...

  4. I feel your pain. I hope it's over soon xx


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