Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laundry: Update

I was asked to swap my days around at work, and had today off instead of tomorrow (which totally ruined my plan to take today off as well as tomorrow, giving me almost three weeks of leave for the price of two)

So my plan of attack was to get into our laundry and paint it before the new dryer goes in.

Hmmm, seems I cant find a before picture on this computer, and well, I am too lazy to walk to the office to search the hard-drive, but it structurly hasnt changed, it was just plain white

we temporally put everything back in (mainly because I wanted to shower in the next couple of days before i can paint the back wall)
Just so you can see the difference in paint colours

Now, technical issue, should I paint the back wall Toffee Fingers brown, as per our loungeroom
Or just paint it the same colour as the other walls (Dulux's Hogs Bristle Half)?

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  1. I like the colour in the loungeroom but I really don't know. I am so bad at making decisions.

  2. I'm so dumb... which wall are you referring to... and whats the color on the pilla the heater is on?

  3. the heater/toffee fingers is the brown wall in our loungeroom, and well, the walls are the same colour in the lounge as the laundry (Hogs Bristle Half)


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