Friday, January 1, 2010

Boxing Day Sales

Well I made it to the sales, admittedly on the day after Boxing Day, but I still braved the crowds.

Turns out I didn't find as much as I wanted. Nothing suited, or looked decent in Myer or DJ's. All I ended up with a few cheap things from Target. Which I suppose is best, as I don't plan to spend long in them ;)

Actually, that did come from Myer. The rest are Target

* A star for the top of our Christmas Tree
* Undies for the boy. 
* Maybe some more Christmas decorations. Turns out I didnt really have as many as I thought I did.
A toy of some sort for my nephew's birthday.

* Some new sheets.

So, not too bad. I can do without more decorations for a few more months. I also brought a clock for the lounge, but there is a story to it, which I will blog about soon.
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  1. Hi April, nice buys! I really like the pink dress. A lot. Target you say? hmmmm might have to pay another visit.

    If you're looking for really good decorations next time you visit Melbourne, try the Bed Bath and Table clearance outlet in Lygon Street Carlton/Brunswick or the one in East Ivanhoe. Beautiful stuff, heavily discounted.
    Worth a visit.

  2. Nice buys! Did these come from Target in my town? How come they never have nice stuff when I'm in there?

  3. Lesley, the pink dress is actually a long shirt. You could wear it as a dress, but it would be majorly short! But yes, it was from Target.

    Kerry, sorry chook, was Target in Melbourne. Your Target seems to have nothing decent currently, I tried there the other day and it was dismal. It was as bad as our Target Country!!!


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