Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Door Saga Continues...

So remember the saga with the door?

It is still going. Over the weekend we went to my local haunt, to enquire about the door. And once again, we were told it was still on backorder.

But, just to double check, the man went out to the back shed with us to check there were no doors. He glances, and says "Nope, no doors here". The husband spies a pile of them up the back, and asks about those ones.

What do you know, there, on the pile of 20 odd doors (no idea how you could miss a giant pile of doors, it was massive!), was a door with our name on it! With a stamp saying it was received a week after we ordered it! Morons!!!

Least I have my door now. Now, if only the husband wasn't away fishing, I could have it installed! And lesson learnt, from now on, if it's not in stock I am going elsewhere, clearly their ordering system sucks!

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