Monday, January 18, 2010


I love mulberries and ice-cream. However, I refuse to pay $8 a punnet.

Today was my lucky day, they were only $4 a punnet. Which I could justify, as I will pay that for strawberries. So I brought myself a punnet to indulge in.

It was then that my mum tells me that she has a mulberry tree at their town house. Doh!

Though now I no longer have to pay $4 for a small punnet.

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  1. I love mulberries too - I grew up with three huge trees. We planted one a year ago and its already huge :) and Elka loves them.

    I didn't think the fruit was in season at the moment? ours had fruit in spring?

    lucky you if your mums tree has some - looking at the pic makes me wants some so bad now!!

  2. Hmmm, I always remember them in summer. Maybe its because it takes so long to get warm here? Not sure actually.

  3. I don't like fruit, but I do remember having a mulberry tree when we were kids and eating them. Maybe I should try them again....

  4. My old neighbours had the biggest tree ever and Mum and I would go over there and pick them until our hands hurt and were so discoloured. Mum would then make an awesome Mulberry pie. Now I'm hungry!


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