Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Update

It has been a while since I have done an update on the weight situation. Last one was in November. Well since then I have lost another 4 kg. I am averaging a kilo a week (2.2 pound for you imperial people), which is very reasonable according to my doctor. He prefers that I would only lose .5kg (1.1pound), but I don't think he wants to argue with me about it.

I went through a terrible patch in the middle of December where I couldn't lose anything, not a kilo. I stayed the same weight for a month, and was terribly disappointed. Nothing I did mattered, I ate better, and I exercised (something I don't do much of). A tiny fill kick started it all again, and I have been a happy camper since.

Christmas was a struggle, I am finding that there are more things I can't eat. Pudding being the main killer on Christmas Day. Oh well, I am sure I will live without it :) Bread is also a killer. I just have to look at it and I am running for the bathroom. Hot chips are fast heading in that direction too. And the worst one of all, is I can't eat pumpkin! I looooooove pumpkin, but unless its mashed in with potato, I can't do it! I am shattered!

With this last 4 kilo's being gone, it saw me leave the Plus Sized section of Myer, and walk into the normal women's section. Ok, so things are still incredibly tight, but give it a few weeks, and it will all be good. It also saw me make $700 on ebay by selling majority of my clothes. I now do not own any black work pants, nor blue pants. I think the only pants I own, besides jeans, are a pair of grey pants I brought off ebay a week before Christmas, just in case. It is such an amazing feeling though, I haven't been in the normal section of a clothing store for a long time! I look forward to the day I can walking into ANY shop and buy something.

It has also got to the point where people comment on my weight loss. I have had several colleagues (none of which know about my operation) comment on how I have lost weight. Which I have to admit, makes me feel good. For so long I have felt down about how I look, but now I am starting to like how I look.

So that is where we are at. Almost half way to my ideal weight. Wow!
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  1. Congratulations! That's quite a big thing to have achieved.. to be able to walk into the normal section and leave the plus side forever.

    I am with you on this.. I hope to be able to walk into any shop and buy any dress that I fancy! At the moment, this is rather hard for me as I am of the rather odd size of lumps everywhere.. So things don't fit properly in some and fit fine in others.

    Anyways, I meant to say: Good job!

  2. Oh well done! That's a great achievement.

    I'm on a bit of a weight loss "journey" too April. I've lost 10 kgs but still have a lot to go. Technically I should lose another 20 kgs, but realistically, I'd settle for another 10. You have to be realistic in these things. Anyway, well done and it's a great feeling to try something on and have it not look like you're squeezed into a condom, which is how I've felt on many occasions. Keep up the good's all worth it!

  3. So glad its going so well and congrats for being out of the plus size section - what an amazing feeling I imagine (and oh so many more clothes available to buy.. very dangerous hehe)


  4. Woo hoo! I can say (having spent time with you just last week), that you're looking smashing, and that I'd better pick up my game or people will be asking me who my skinny mini friend is?

  5. Thank you so much ladies :) And thank you Kerry. It is nice to know its not just me who sees a difference :D For some time I thought it was all in my head!

    You are all too lovely

  6. Well done April, you are doing so well!

    It can be hard at times, Im always here if you need to chat. I know especially how hard Christmas and other occasions can be. It will be worth it in the end!

    I have been so slack, I am now taking my inspiration from you xxoo



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