Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking back at our back yard



Looking back at old photos makes me remember how many cars we have had. Not one of those cars is still in our ownership *hides* There has also been several others.

But, 5 years has brought us a side fence, gates, the removal of a garden bed, the creation of a dog run, a 3 car carport, a stone driveway, a whole heap of boring things in the shed, and a (somewhat patchy) lawn. I didn't realise we had done so much around our house, as I tend to focus on the big things and forget the little things.

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  1. Great changes - its funny how they happen over time and you dont even register them. Love the carport you put on the shed, that must be so hand!

  2. The carport is rather handy, it stores all kinds of renovating things, like the old bathroom door ;), the worm farm, the boat, and sometimes a car or two.


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